'Slice of the Union' Report Reveals Taylor Swift's Fans Greatly Influence Pizza Sales

Washington State Sells Priciest Large Cheese Pies, Hawaiians are Country's Best Tippers

Feb 8, 2024 - 10:28
Feb 8, 2024 - 10:31
'Slice of the Union' Report Reveals Taylor Swift's Fans Greatly Influence Pizza Sales
'Slice of the Union' Report Reveals Taylor Swift's Fans Greatly Influence Pizza Sales

Ahead of National Pizza Day (February 9) Slichas released its fifth annual “Slice of the Union.'' Slice gathered analytics from its 20,000 mom and pop shop partners across all 50 states, to provide consumers with a deep (dish) dive into America's obsession with its favorite food - pizza.

As the leading pizza authority, Slice continues to document how money, travel and technology influence America's pizza eating habits. “We continuously provide up-to-the moment data on customer ordering habits to the pizzerias we work with, but it’s always fun to compile analytics that every consumer can bite into,” said Slice CEO and Founder Ilir Sela. “For instance, and this is fun, pizza orders increased 10.4% during Kansas City Chief games after Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce got together. Something else that will catch your eye is the amount of money consumers saved by ordering via the Slice app v. well-known delivery apps. We share a side-by-side of two receipts from the same orders placed from the same shop on the same day. Ordering through Slice saved customers $9.47. That is 14.64%, a huge number. It’s really important for consumers to see that.”

Below, please find five more slices (almost a small pie!) of fun fact groups from within the report:

  • Cost: Nineteen states lowered the cost of a large cheese pizza this year (on average, the cost of pizza nationwide was down 4.9%) while shops in other states raised prices, some by a whopping 43.3.% percent (looking at you North Dakota). In 2023, Washington was the most expensive state to buy pizza in with the average price coming in at $25.75. Hawaiians are the best tippers. On average, the tips on pizza delivery were 14.71% of the total order.
  • Toppings: Last year Slice predicted that pickles would become a favorite topping and as expected, requests for pickles on pizza rose 32%. Given the popularity of tinned fish, Slice presumes customers will have a deeper love for anchovies.
  • Cravings: Jonesing for pizza? You’re probably ordering it on a Friday when there are, on average, 5.2 million orders placed. 4.1 million orders come in on Saturdays with the fewest - 1.9 million - on Mondays.
  • Orders: A New Jersey resident ordered from the same pizza shop 348 times this year - that’s just 17 days shy of 365.
  • Weight: In 2023, Americans ate just over 29,000 tons of pizza. To put that in perspective, adult African male elephants, the world’s largest land animal, weigh between two and seven tons. 29,000 tons of pizza is also equal to the weight of 19,395,200,000 Candy Hearts.

For more information about Slice and to read the Slice of the Union in its entirety, please visit here.