Plastic Straw Hazard

Mcdonald's Under Pressure to Scrap Plastic Straws - BBC

Excerpt from BBC

McDonald's is to face a vote by shareholders about its use of plastic straws at its annual meeting on Thursday.

A small shareholder is pressing the fast food giant to demonstrate "leadership in the elimination of plastic straws".

Keith Schnip wants the company to report on the risks to the business of continuing to use the straws.

But McDonald's says the move is "unnecessary" and "redundant".

Mr Schnip's proposal was published in an SEC filing in April. He argues that McDonald's could face a consumer backlash on environmental grounds.

"A growing global consumer movement opposes the use of plastic straws because of their contribution to waste and deleterious impacts on marine life." Mr Schnip's proposal said.

"A YouTube video of a plastic straw being removed from the nostril of a sea turtle has now been watched by over 15.8 million people. This 2015 video and the prevalence of plastic straws in marine waste have spurred consumers in the US, Canada and Europe to ask restaurants and concession vendors to be 'straw free.'"

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