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Sizzling Success for Outback Steakhouse’s Transition to Cloud - By Anna Rodanski

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Outback Steakhouse is an international restaurant chain with eight locations around Australia and through utilizing a cloud solution, it’s improving customer experience, freeing staff to spend more time interacting with guests.

But the benefits of cloud hardly stop there. It has made the business more scalable and provides Outback Steakhouse’s decision makers with faster and better access to data, enabling them to react nimbly to changing market dynamics. In an industry where customer satisfaction and loyalty are paramount, such innovation and a willingness to change are what keeps Outback Steakhouse ahead of rivals.

An Outback SteakhouseThe restaurant chain approached Oracle in early 2017 because it wanted to implement a cloud solution that could help it achieve various operational objectives, from reducing labor costs at front-of-house to ensuring better customer experiences.

Outback Steakhouse also was concerned about the risks associated with maintaining a physical server, considering that it was potentially more vulnerable to security issues such as data breaches.

Overall, the restaurant’s management team wanted to streamline office and personnel processes given its high volume of payroll, accounting, and operations-based activities. Furthermore, a cloud-based system would make back-ups easier because it doesn’t need to run applications over a desktop; it just requires an internet connection.

Since June, the implementation of Oracle Hospitality cloud solutions and mobile point-of-service has greatly reduced up-front and cash flow costs, while the Simphony platform has simplified the opening of multiple sites. The use of tablets for ordering at the table also has accelerated service; it may be a small change, but it’s an important one as this allows the kitchen to receive tickets quicker and enables servers to handle more tables. It also addresses one of the industry’s biggest challenges: labour cost.

In addition, these cloud solutions have enhanced the customer experience. The bottom line: Greater efficiency yields more time for staff to engage in more meaningful conversations with guests.

The company also launched an app and delivery system with its own drivers. Online ordering is integrated into the point-of-sale, making the process almost seamless for the customer.

The transition to cloud and associated technology has led to a transformation benefiting the company, its staff and its customers. But for Outback Steakhouse, the long-term impact of cloud is the true reward: With greater ability to scale faster, access data, and reduce risk, it’s ready to compete regardless of the challenges tomorrow may bring.

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