Hamburger Vs Baguette

Hamburgers Usurp Classic Baguette Sandwich in France - BBC

Excerpt from BBC

French people have bought more US-style hamburgers than their own classic jambon-beurre sandwich for the first time in history, a study suggests.

Some 1.46 billion burgers were sold last year, compared with 1.22 billion baguettes filled with sliced ham, according to Gira Conseil consultants.

The results suggest the nation known for its culinary pride has had a huge shift in its eating habits.

The French ate 14 times fewer burgers a decade ago.

"Jambon-beurre is a French tradition," Gira Conseil director Bernard Boutboul told Reuters news agency. 

"But the French are now crazy about burgers. You find them everywhere, from fast food to Michelin-starred restaurants," the Paris-based restaurant consultant said.

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