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'We Cracked That Code': McDonald's is Making a Massive Change to Its Burgers - and Burger King and Wendy's Should Be Terrified - Business Insider

Excerpt from Business Insider

McDonald's is making a massive change to its burgers.

On Tuesday, the fast-food giant announced it would begin serving quarter-pound burgers made with fresh — not frozen — beef across the US by early May. The beef is cooked fresh when customers order, which is a new process for the burger chain.

Roughly 3,500 locations in the US are already serving Quarter Pounders made with fresh beef — long the signature item of fast-food rival Wendy's.

"It started four years ago with us asking, 'How do we really make a step change in the quality of our burger at McDonald's?'" McDonald's U.S. president, Chris Kempczinski, said in a meeting with the media on Tuesday.

The answer: Listen to customers' demands and start using fresh beef in its Quarter Pounder, an item that lacks the Big Mac's compact flavor punch and status as a fast-food icon. 

The changes will impact McDonald's Quarter Pounder, Double Quarter Pounder, and Signature Crafted burgers, including the new Garlic White Cheddar burger set to launch next month. 

McDonald's is advertising the changes as resulting in a "hotter, juicier" burger. According to the company, 90% of customers in tests in Dallas and Tulsa said that they planned to buy the burger again after trying it. 

"We're selling a lot more Quarter Pounders, which is obviously the ultimate test," Kempczinski said.

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