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About a week ago, my wife and I ate a meal that was entirely prepared by a robotic chef.

The GammaChef — a machine akin to a large coffee maker — did everything on its own. It heated the pot and added the ingredients — beef steak chunks, pasta, mushrooms, water, oil, seasonings and sauces — then stirred them until the meal was done. To my surprise, the food was delicious. The meat was perfectly cooked and tender, the pasta was al dente, and the aromas and flavors were rich. It was perfect. 

Dražen Drnas and Đulijano Nola, the two Croatian entrepreneurs that built the GammaChef prototype and intend to launch it in the near future, weren't surprised.

"We've pitted GammaChef against an actual human cook four times already, in a blind taste test. Every single time, our robot won — easily," Nola told me during the 30 or so minutes it took for the robot to prepare the meal.

The meal preparation started with a verbal command, through an Amazon Echo that was wirelessly connected to the machine. We could have also done it through the mobile phone app, which is far along in development, or through the built-in touchscreen on the device itself.

Once the ingredients, which come in plastic cartridges of various sizes, are loaded into the GammaChef, you can have it cook even if you're not around. Let's say you're returning home from work at 5 p.m., you could ask the GammaChef to have your meal ready by 5:10 p.m.

Suddenly, I'm no longer skeptical of a robot cooking my food. I'm interested. 

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