Online And Mobile Ordering

Tillster's Online and Mobile Ordering Index Reveals How Consumers Want to Order Food

Index Analyzes Rising Adoption And Growth Of Ordering Technologies

Tillster, the global leader in digital ordering and engagement solutions for restaurants, showcases how ordering technologies influence purchasing behavior in its new Online and Mobile Ordering Index. The Index examines which digital ordering strategies – whether through a restaurant's website or mobile app – can best serve restaurants as they look to grow sales and engage with customers through 2018 and beyond.

Cover - Tillster's Online and Mobile Ordering IndexFor the second year in a row, Tillster partnered with esteemed research firm, SSI, to conduct a study on how online and mobile ordering impacts guest behavior. The Online and Mobile Ordering index summarizes the proprietary study's key findings as it relates to digital ordering. Surveying 2,000 restaurant customers across the United States, the index summarizes the last year, and looks ahead to the next year.  One significant finding from the study is that nearly two- thirds of fast casual customers plan to order online in the coming year.

"We facilitate nearly 50 million orders a year, around the world, for some of the largest restaurant brands," says Perse Faily, CEO of Tillster. "These findings help us understand the trends that impact our customers and the industry as a whole."

Customer Online and Mobile Ordering Habits

When it comes to offering web or mobile application ordering, what is the best option for restaurants seeking to increase business? Is it a robust online and mobile ordering platform with ecommerce ability; a branded mobile app; or a third-party company to facilitate orders? The Tillster Index found that customers prefer to order directly from the restaurant, via either a branded website or mobile app, which in turn improves sales, controls the guest experience, and provides robust customer insights that enable continued customer engagement.  

Online Ordering Drives Family/Group Order Sales

When ordering for themselves, customers are just as likely to order online as in-store. But when ordering for a family or group, customers prefer to order online, which can lead to greater check size for restaurants.

When it comes to ordering from a preferred restaurant, customers want to order directly from that restaurant's website or mobile app over third-party aggregators. In fact, nearly 40 percent have ordered directly from a restaurant website in the past three months.

The Impact of Online and Mobile Ordering 

According to Tillster's Online and Mobile Ordering Index, more than 65 percent of customers would order more often if a restaurant provided online ordering, and more than 73 percent would visit more if pre-ordering for pick-up or dine-in were offered.

Online ordering and pre-ordering drive sales for all age groups.  While millennials are the most frequent users of digital ordering technologies, older customers aren't far behind.  In all cases, the majority would visit a restaurant more if online ordering or pre-ordering for pick-up or dine-in were offered.

"These ordering-specific statistics speak volumes in support for what we've said for years.  Customers want to go directly to the brands they trust, whether through the restaurant's website or mobile app," adds Faily.   

Download the Online and Mobile Ordering Index for more details on how restaurants can best harness ordering technologies.

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