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What’s Up with Food Safety? Here’s Your Helping

Food safety experts met in the nation's capital for the annual Quality Assurance meeting. They shared best practices that help protect our restaurants and the public health.
Chipotle's Jim Marsden
Chipotle's Jim Marsden talked about how the company improved its food safety best practices

National Restaurant Association

More than 100 of the restaurant industry’s food-safety executives came to Washington, D.C. this week for the annual Quality Assurance Executive Study Group meeting. The reason? To share information and best practices that keep their companies, customers and food supply safe.

What went down: Speakers, including Beth Johnson, founder and CEO of Food Directions LLC; Food & Drug Administration experts; and Jim Marsden, Chipotle’s director of food safety; talked about the future of food safety and what brands need to know to avoid a food borne illness outbreak.

Prediction for the future: Johnson said she expects the food safety landscape to look a lot different over the next few years under the Trump Administration. She also explained how advances in blockchain technologyand predictive analytics are going to help keep food safer.

Keeping your brand and customers healthy: Marsden said Chipotle, which is recovering from the E. coli crisis it experienced in 2015, said the company requires its employees to complete our ServSafe training courses, is committed to stringently following HAACP rules, enforces strict handwashing protocols and is fanatical about ensuring its food is safe. It even blanches all produce except lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro, as part of its food prep procedure. Those produce items, he said, are “subject to validated interventions at the supplier level.”



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