Lee's Sandwiches Opens First Lee's Coffee Roastery in Orange County, California

Lee's Coffee Roastery Interior
Lee's Sandwiches Opens First Lee's Coffee Roastery in Orange County, California

Lee's Sandwiches

Lee's Sandwiches today announced the opening of its first Lee's Coffee Roastery in Westminster, California, adjacent to the original Lee's Sandwiches Bolsa store. This exciting and interactive Lee's Coffee Roastery is dedicated to providing small batch, freshly roasted, and specialty coffee beans from around the world.

Since 1983, Lee's Coffee embarked on a mission to share the love and passion for Vietnamese style coffee in the United States. Through our family recipe, our cà phê sữa đá became a community favorite, which is now being sold widely at Costco Wholesale, Lee's Sandwiches, and leading Asian supermarket chains in the USA, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Now, the Lee's Coffee Roastery offers freshly roasted beans directly to customers where they can discover and experience a variety of the finest beans from Asia to Central & South America. The beans for Lee's famous cà phê sữa đá also originates from the Roastery. In addition, baristas provide handcrafted coffee beverages, such as Espresso, Pour Over, Traditional Vietnamese Filter, and Cold Brew.

"We are proud to introduce our Lee's Coffee Roastery-the new store will excite local customers with a unique coffee experience and engage with master roasters to choose special blends for your enjoyment, and to form a deeper connection with our Lee's Roastery," said Mr. Chieu Le, CEO and President of Lee's Sandwiches International, Inc.

Lee's Coffee Roastery offers special gifts for the first 200 customers. Additionally, there are other special sale programs:

1. Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Lee's Signature Whole Bean (12oz) or Lee's Ground Coffee (16oz).

2. Get a Vietnamese Coffee Filter with a purchase of any Whole Bean Coffee or Ground Coffee.

3. $1 for a Reg. Lee's Coffee! 

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