Strategic Performance Group Partners to Open New Upscale Tokyo Steakhouse

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Benjamin Steak House opens its first location in Japan through a partnership with Strategic Performance Group. Founded in 2006, the family owned and operated Benjamin Restaurant Group has grown to comprise some of the New York Metro Areas premier culinary destinations, offering the quintessential New York steakhouse experience in luxurious environments. It is well known as one of New York City's premier steakhouses, the attraction to open in Japan was a natural next step for them.

With one common goal in mind, Benjamin Restaurant Group and Oizumi Foods began to work together to open a steakhouse in Japan. After many months of discussion, negotiations between the two companies began to falter. The law firm that was tasked with spearheading negotiations between the restaurant groups brought in Strategic Performance Group to solidify the deal and handle all the complex logistics in dealing with both local and international road blocks.

Oizumi Foods Co. Ltd., established in Japan in 1982, has scores of restaurants that include Spanish, Italian and of course, Japanese cuisine. The Company provides an array of food services including dining, bar, cafe, and restaurant services. This venture into a fine dining upscale New York Style-steak house brought on a whole new set of challenges that they had yet to experience.

When interviewed, many of the people involved in the process shared their experiences in dealing with the complexities of each aspect of the transaction which began with the licensing agreement itself. Others have spoken about the intricacy of sustaining and monitoring the quality control that Benjamin Steak House maintains in all its New Yorklocations, the duplication of the culture that took decades to create in New York, documenting each process and now recreating it in Japan, arranging for the exact quality of prime cut beef that is used in New York to be shipped to Japanweekly, to its custom designed aging refrigeration facility — not to mention arranging for every key item that is used in the New York restaurants to be customized and also available in Japan. Benjamin Steak House is voted one of the top steakhouses in NYC and will now uphold that title in Japan.

Each member of the team credits David Findel of Strategic Performance Group for putting it all together; not only consulting every step of the way but for dealing with the logistical challenges, culture differences, as well as the perceived impossibilities. When asked, Findel's statement was short and to the point: "Once you remove the noise from what is holding you back, building a process to tackle any challenge becomes less overwhelming and manageable; then your vision becomes a reality. Both I and everyone at Strategic Performance Group is very happy for Benjamin Restaurant Group and we are extremely proud to be part of making it happen for them." 

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