Thaï Express Opens Its First Location in the United States

Asian Quick Service Restaurants Expand U.S. Presence

Thaï Express

Thaï Express announced that it has opened its first location in the United States, in the food court of the Mall of America, in Bloomington, MN.

"This is the first of many locations in the United States for Thaï Express. We are thrilled to bring the American consumer one of MTY's most successful Canadian brands" said Stanley Ma, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MTY Food Group Inc.. "We plan to aggressively develop Thaï Express in the United States in the coming years; opening the first store is a great milestone in our development plan".

Thaï Express is a new take on traditional Thai cuisine that began in Canada and is currently expanding into the U.S. Tailored to your taste and prepared fresh when you order, Thaï Express provides fun, flavorful and healthy meals. As a premier Thai food franchise, the company believes in providing variety, quality and authenticity at modern food boutiques. In 2004, Thaï Express was acquired by MTY Food Group Inc. and now has over 285 locations across North America. 

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