Restaurant Technology

More Restaurants Byte into Technology

Operators are relying more on online ordering and delivery options, social media marketing and growing their rewards and loyalty programs.

National Restaurant Association

As customer demand for improved technology grows, more operators are making it an integral part of their businesses.

We recently talked to some restaurateurs about the changing landscape of technology. Watch our video to see what types of technology they’re bringing into their restaurants.

In a study we conducted last year, one-third of restaurateurs thought their businesses lagged in technology. Though many of them were tech savvy when it came to integrating websites and guest Wi-Fi into their operations, we found they were slower to adopt online reservation and ordering programs, mobile payment options and smartphone apps. Why? A lack of infrastructure, staff training and higher costs were some reasons.

Today, however, more chains and independent restaurants are taking a deeper dive into technology. They’re looking for the best options available to them and everything is on the table, from ordering kiosks to social media platforms to radio frequency identification programs.

Maybe their answers will offer some food for thought for your own operations.

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