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Self-service kiosks are interactive stations that enable today’s on-the-go consumer – especially in uential millennials – to enjoy “zero-friction” shopping experiences. In other words, providing them the opportunity to buy on demand: No waiting. No headaches. No hassles.

At the same time, self-service kiosks provide the operator with signi cant advantages: revenue growth opportunities, lower costs, and innovation.

More than ever before, achieving revenue gains requires turning to information technology that delivers agility and speed without adding complexity. In the F&B business, few assets meet that de nition better than self-service kiosks.

Oracle Symphony for Kiosks

Versatile kiosks tackle F&B challenges almost anywhere

Self-service kiosks offer unmatched versatility. They can be deployed in virtually any kind of grab-and-go setting, including stadiums, airports, travel plazas, corporate dining and hospital cafeterias. Quick-service and fast-casual restaurants are increasingly relying on kiosks to speed up the order process and reduce wait times for guests.

Deliver on-demand service for a new generation

Investing in technology, especially customer-facing applications such as kiosks, is also a way of revitalizing a food and beverage brand for a changing demographic. Tech-savvy millennials, weaned on on-demand service, have come of age. Comprising individuals born between 1981 and the late 1990s, they are now the largest generational group in the U.S. with a population of 83 million, outnumbering baby boomers and Gen Xers. And they wield enormous spending clout – an estimated $200 billion annually.

Self-service kiosk software, powered by the Simphony enterprise point-of-sale platform, can deliver exactly the type of service millennials want and expect. For operators, kiosk software that is fully integrated with your Simphony
POS platform allows you to collect data about consumer behavior, enabling delivery of targeted promotions to drive order values across channels.

Furthermore, the speed of service provided by kiosks is priceless not just in terms of how it caters to millennials, but where they spend. Take, for example, stadiums and entertainment venues, which are often plagued by long lines that choke sales. In a major Oracle study – The Fan Experience: Changing the Game with Food & Beverage – the potential impact of deploying kiosks at stadiums is evident: U.S. fans, on average, reported that they would spend an additional $20 for food and beverage if wait times were cut in half – representing a 43% increase in typical spend per party.

The Oracle difference: Avoid the ‘Frankenstein Project’

Trying to integrate third-party kiosk software with an existing point-of-sale system is never easy, often requiring ad-hoc manipulations that, at best, yield disjointed outcomes. But using kiosk software powered by Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud ampli es the strengths of the industry’s leading enterprise POS platform. Without any customization, a kiosk running Simphony ows information into the kitchen just like any other POS terminal. Likewise, it functions in identical fashion for activities ranging from reporting to menu pricing and discounting.

As a single solution, Simphony also eliminates the need to maintain disparate con gurations, databases or service contracts for your kiosk operation. Such unprecedented integration delivers improved operations and ef ciencies
that everyone in the business can appreciate – whether they’re members of marketing, accounting, nance, operations or IT. What’s more, when combined with Oracle Hospitality Gift and Loyalty, guests can be surprised and delighted with offers that will keep them coming back – all seamlessly built together in one solution.

From a hardware perspective, Oracle Hospitality offers a sleek, modi able workstation that can “morph” into a customer- or staff-facing terminal and be placed or mounted practically anywhere. That’s a big difference from competitors’ offerings, many of which are rigid, single-use constructions that restrict functionality and locations.

More than a technology provider; a business partner

By pioneering hospitality IT innovations in hardware and software for
more than 35 years, Oracle Hospitality has become the industry’s preferred solutions provider. We deliver best-in-class cloud technology – backed by trusted support and consulting services in a true partnership – to help food and beverage operators enhance the guest experience, increase revenues and reduce costs. 


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