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Margaritas Mexican: Showcasing Mexican Culture in New England - By Shannon Straub

Several Margaritas Mexican products
Margaritas Mexican: Showcasing Mexican Culture in New England - By Shannon Straub

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I had the pleasure of traveling to Massachusetts with a film crew to produce a video with long-time Oracle Hospitality customer, Margaritas. Margaritas is a Mexican table service restaurant that features unique, fresh-made food inspired by Mexican culture. Currently Margaritas has 27 locations spanning the United States Northeast: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maine, Connecticut, and New Jersey. 

What struck me about the Margaritas family, is that it is much more than just a restaurant enterprise.  They are cultural ambassadors for Mexico and are heavily involved in bringing Mexican culture to the local community and they do this in a variety of ways. 

Firstly, no two Margaritas locations are identical since each location’s interior is designed by hand and features art that is personally selected and imported from Mexico. The vibrant colors, exquisite designs, and fascinating décor (not to mention the fantastic food!) in each restaurant truly make you feel like you are dining south of the American border.  

Margaritas also educates middle and high school students about Mexican culture and art through field trips to their restaurants. The trips include guided tours of the restaurant, cooking demonstrations, and even a video presentation about Mexican culture that highlights artisans, markets, street scenes, and mariachi bands. Teachers are provided with a study guide for a follow up classroom discussion. 

In addition, Margaritas offers a Visiting Artist Series. The restaurants host Mexican artists who work in a variety of mediums, creating art from scratch that they then sell in the restaurants. The artists also give presentations on their work and Mexican culture only in both the restaurants as well as local schools. 

Our video focuses on Margaritas’ use of Oracle Hospitality Kitchen Display Systems. The KDS system has helped Margaritas to streamline kitchen operations through determining where there are strains in the line for each location. The line is then able to be re-worked to elevate efficiency. This has been especially useful when opening up new locations since each location is different and needs a solution that can be customized to that location’s specific needs. 

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