Foodservice Packaging Recovery Toolkit

Recycle Your Packaging and Save Money

The NRA and Food Packaging Institute will hold a webinar on their new toolkit that helps operators start their own waste recycling programs.
Recyclable coffee cups
Recycle Your Packaging and Save Money

National Restaurant Association

Want to save money? The National Restaurant Association and Foodservice Packaging Institute are joining together to show restaurant operators how to save hundreds of dollars on waste-removal costs by starting their own recycling programs.

The FPI recently released a new, free Foodservice Packaging Recovery Toolkit – created in partnership with the NRA – to educate restaurateurs and other foodservice operators on how to implement on-site recycling programs that reduce waste and save money and resources.

During an April 21 webinar, FPI president Lynn Dyer and NRA Conserve program director Jeff Clark will share some of the toolkit’s best practices and case studies so restaurateurs can learn how to start to recover or continue to strengthen their current recycling efforts.

“Recovering cups, containers, boxes, bags and other foodservice packaging is a topic of intense interest not only for consumers, but also for the foodservice packaging supply chain and those in the recycling and composting industries,” Dyer said. “We created this toolkit to respond to the questions and needs of stakeholders involved in the recovery process.”

Clark said operators who recycle can create savings by reducing the cost of trash pickups and hauling the material to a landfill. “Material, like cardboard, if it’s not contaminated, can be recycled and turned into something else. This could save room in your trash bin, minimize your number of pickups per week and, perhaps, even save you some money.”

To participate in the webinar, register here.

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