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Award-Winning Parallax Mini-Sites by HeBS Digital Create a Unique Identity for the Property Restaurant, Bar, or Spa

HeBS Digital, the industry’s leading digital technology, full-service hotel digital marketing, website design and direct online channel consulting firm based in New York City, is pleased to announce award-winning parallax mini-sites that create a unique identity for the property restaurant, bar, or spa.

NextGuest HeBS Digital, the leading digital technology, marketing and consulting firm in hospitality, is pleased to announce its award-winning parallax mini-sites for its clients’ restaurants, bars, lounges, spas and more. These striking and visually-appealing parallax mini-sites feature a new experience in website design, dynamically animating as the user scrolls. The innovative design effect catches the guest’s attention and distinguishes the mini-site from the main site.

As affirmation of this innovative direction, HeBS Digital recently received a “Best in Class” Interactive Media Award for the new Martini’s at the Kahler Grand mini-site. With chic and user-friendly web design, this parallax mini-site provides guests a sneak peek of the dining experience with menu and wine list PDFs, photo galleries and an OpenTable Reservation widget.

The parallax mini-site provides a number of benefits to full-service hotels, resorts and casinos:

  • Inexpensive option to give the hotel restaurant, bar, lounge or spa its own brand identity within the hotel website; Example: Penn’s View Hotel’s Panorama Restaurant
  • Customizable look and feel design: logos and color schema
  • The visual, textual and promotional content is managed via the property CMS (Content Management System); CMS user rights could be provided to the restaurant manager, etc., to manage the mini-site content.
The parallax mini-site is ideal for temporary pre-opening mini-site for a hotel, resort or casino and allows the property to create a unique brand identity online and start driving revenues long before those doors even open! Here is an example: temporary pre-opening mini-site for Hotel 35 in New York

“With our Parallax Mini-Sites for the property restaurant, bar, lounge or spa, or as a temporary pre-opening property site, we are continuing to demonstrate our ability to keep up with, and even ahead of the unique needs of the hospitality industry with innovative and forward-thinking products,” said Max Starkov, President & CEO of HeBS Digital. “Winning the IMA award was further affirmation that yes, this is what the hospitality is looking for, and we are delivering.”

To inquire about more information on HeBS Digital’s parallax mini-sites, please our website at

About HeBS Digital

Founded in 2001, HeBS Digital has pioneered many of the “best practices” in hotel digital marketing and website revenue optimization, as well as a range of industry-first digital technology applications.  The firm has won more than 250 prestigious industry awards for its digital marketing and website design services, including numerous Adrian Awards, Davey Awards, W3 Awards, WebAwards, Magellan Awards, Summit International Awards, Interactive Media Awards, and IAC Awards.

A diverse client portfolio of top-tier major hotel brands, luxury and boutique hotel brands, resorts and casinos, hotel management companies, franchisees and independents, and CVBs are benefiting from HeBS Digital’s direct online channel strategy and digital marketing expertise. Contact HeBS Digital’s consultants at (212) 752-8186 or

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