Domain Boom for Restaurants and Bars Begins June 11 with the Release of .REST and .BAR Domain Names

An online land grab for restaurants and bars began on June 11th, when new generic top level domains (gTLDs) .REST (dot-rest) and .BAR (dot-bar) were released during the 'land rush' period.

Restaurant News Resource An online land grab for restaurants and bars began on June 11th, when new generic top level domains (gTLDs) .REST (dot-rest) and .BAR (dot-bar) were released during the “land rush” period.

Punto 2012, the Mexico-based company behind these new gTLDs, is encouraging domain investors, early applicants, bars, nightclubs and restaurants to have a significantly improved chance to reserve desirable, premium and high demand domain names such as,,,,, or as well as meaningful combination of terms such as LondonGay.Bar or for the first time in the history of the Internet.

Punto 2012 created the .REST and .BAR gTLDs in order to ease and facilitate the engagement between the food and beverage industries (restaurants, bars, critics, guides, delivery services and other related entities) with their existing and potential customers online. As restaurant professionals, this family-owned company created the new .REST and .BAR domains that mark a new trend in Internet addresses, wherein domain endings better categorize industries and topics online, offering a more meaningful and better defined internet address.

.BAR, a natural domain for bars and nightclubs, and .REST, a domain that uses the abbreviation of “restaurant” in almost 30 languages and more than 50 countries, are launching at the same time and are designed to be the online address for the food and beverage industry.

The “land rush” period is a special 30-day phase wherein any person in the world can apply to obtain some of the most valuable .REST and .BAR domains for the first time, either because they are high in demand, have an estimated premium resell value, or can be considered desirable for various industries and entities. Following the “land rush” period, the domains that have two or more applicants will enter an auction process in order to determine who will obtain the right to register the name. The auction is to be coordinated by NameJet (, one of the world’s leading domain name auction providers.

“Now is the perfect time for domain investors and those in the restaurant industry to plant an early stake in this land grab before they are all released to the general public,” said Aaron Grego, CEO of Punto 2012. “Restaurants, bars and related food and beverage entities have an incredible opportunity to grab the perfect domain name that defines who they are and what they do. More descriptive names will give these businesses the exposure they need to be found easier online.”

A thorough list of recommended high-value available keywords is published at the and websites, and any of these new domain names, as well as many others can be registered with Domain Name Registrars such as Godaddy,,,,,, and

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