Winston Industries Provides FCSI Education Program Teaching State of the Art CVT/CVAP Cooking Technology Pioneered By Winston L. Shelton, Dr. Sc. (Hon.)

Research & Development Engineer, Holder of 42 Foodservice Equipment Patents Teaches “Shelton’s Three Laws of Thermoisturization & Fundamentals of Controlled Vapor Technology.”

W.H. Bender & Associates SANTA CLARA, California (October 25, 2010) - William H. Bender, FCSI founder and principal of W.H. Bender & Associates, Santa Clara, announced he has just returned from training at the Winston L. Shelton Resource and Education Center at Winston Industries headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. William attended the Education Seminar for Safe Protein Management Utilizing the Science of Food Thermoisturization and Controlled Vapor Technology (CVT/CVap). Winston Industries was the FCSI-Education Provider of the Year for 2006.

“Foodservice operators focused on improving food quality, food safety and speed of service, should talk with Winston Industries to learn about Controlled Vapor Technology,” said Bender. Mr. Shelton, the 2009 IACP Lifetime Achievement Award winner spent the day teaching the class of FCSI consultants. “He has translated complex food and science issues into equipment solutions for every operator in the world. CVap revolutionizes food best practices dramatically. Winston has correctly aligned the science and purpose of food temperature control and controlling food moisture. I just graduated from a class taught by a foodservice industry icon. We were all honored to have been Mr. Shelton’s students as he presented the science behind controlling food temperatures and food texture,” said Bender.

From left to right Tom Ford, Winston Industries; Jerry Deventhal, Deventhal Design Services; James Krier, Kp3Design Foodservice Design Consultants; J.J. Jackson, Winston Industries; Howard Richardson, Winston Industries; William Bender, FCSI, W.H. Bender and Associates; David Shelton, Jr. Winston Industries;

Controlled Vapor Technology was discovered by Winston Shelton and is available in a complete line of equipment and applications. “Others in the industry have a different understanding of the physics of heat transfer. The traditional belief is that air is the medium for heating foods, but the reality is that air is the medium for drying foods. Food is mostly water. Water temperature is the technically correct medium for uniform heating and cooking of food. The fundamental benefit of vapor is food temperature control,” said Shelton. Nine patents protect the Winston CVT/CVAP process and equipment. Winston Industries manufactures equipment in Louisville, Kentucky and is poised for substantial growth.

“Winston is partnering with operators so they are able to serve Food with a Conscience - Our equipment imparts succulence and increases food nutrition, assuring food safety and conserving energy, the ultimate in Sustainability,” said Tom Ford, Winston Industries Sales Operation Manager.

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