New Burger King Branded Crispy Microwaveable French Fries from ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston

Burger King Corp. (NYSE:BKC) has entered into a licensing arrangement with ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston whereby Lamb Weston will introduce a retail line of crispy and flavorful microwaveable Burger King branded french fries that will hit shelves of select retailers, including Wal-Mart, this fall.

Burger King King KrinkzTM, seasoned crinkle-cut fries, will be the first to market in early September, soon followed by King KolossalzTM, extra-large fries, and King WedgezTM, seasoned potato wedges. The price point for each 4.5-ounce box will vary among retailers.

Once out of the microwave and with a quick rip of the top, the box becomes an easily transportable container reminiscent of Burger King Corp.'s signature FRYPOD(R) container. The perfect size for snacking or sharing, the products offer the convenience of microwave cooking while maintaining the delicious taste and texture of crispy fries.


'This licensing deal, brokered by Broadstreet Licensing Group, gives Burger King Corp. the ability to take our HAVE IT YOUR WAY(R) brand promise beyond our restaurants and engage customers in a new way,' said John Schaufelberger, senior vice president, global product marketing and innovation, Burger King Corp. 'The innovative and portable design of the packaging makes these fries perfect for an on-the-go snack.'

'Burger King Corp.'s tremendous brand strength and reputation for great-tasting french fries give this new line of King retail fries a head start in the marketplace,' said Sharon Miller, vice president of retail sales for ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston. 'Now consumers can enjoy King-fries at home, in an easy-to-prepare, microwaveable format that's perfect for today's busy families.'

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