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McDonald's, Toyota in harmony with MySpace Music

With rumor and speculation whirling around the launch of MySpace's music service--expected to launch this week--it's nice to finally get some hard news.

McDonald's The company is expected to announce Monday that McDonald's, Toyota, and State Farm Insurance have agreed to advertise on MySpace Music, the new music store backed by billionaire Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and three out of the four largest music labels. Advertising will be a major component for the new start-up, MySpace executives said. That makes sense as that's what Murdoch's troops understand. Selling music is a new area for News Corp.

The joint venture is shouldering nothing less than the best hopes of the music industry to mount a legitimate challenge to Apple and its juggernaut of a music store, iTunes. Look around, few of the other guys are left. Sony Connect, Yahoo Unlimited and MSN Music bowed out. Napster, Rhapsody, and Microsoft's Zune (with its Marketplace music store) have been chased to the market fringes.

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