ReServe Interactive Software Announces ReServeIT - A New Online Reservation Service

ReServe Interactive has added an online service, ReServeIT, to its popular dining reservations and table management software. For a small monthly fee, restaurants that use ReServe Interactive software to manage their reservations are now able to offer guests the convenience of making real-time reservations over the Web.

Feb 11, 2006 - 09:38
ReServeIT functionality is accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from a link that resides on the restaurant's existing website. When clicked, this link redirects the consumer to, a domain hosted and maintained by ReServe Interactive. receives the request, automatically queries the restaurant's ReServe Interactive software for availability, and, if there is availability, processes the reservation in real time. If there is not availability, the system notifies the consumer within minutes. The process operates completely independent of any operator, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

"Our new feature, ReServeIT, allows our customers to quickly and inexpensively expand the functionality of their website to add a robust online reservation capability," said Beth Goodell, President of ReServe Interactive. "Our customers have realized an almost instantaneous increase in business by adding the new functionality."

The web-based reservation system offers many customer benefits as compared to competitive offerings on the market. First, ReServeIT allows the customer to maintain control over all of its guest database information. Guest information, which is collected as reservation requests are made online, is transferred directly to the customer's database so that it will be kept completely secure and confidential. The information is never shared or sold to an outside source.

Another benefit of ReServeIT is the "no transaction fee guarantee." Customers have unlimited use of ReServeIT for their low monthly fee. Competitive offerings charge a transaction fee for each reservation, which can create an unpredictable and costly expense.

Vadim Muchnik, owner of the legendary Russian Tea Time restaurant in Chicago, says that ReServeIT has helped save him money. He says, "ReServeIT has sure taken the pressure off of my telephone reservationists; I have been able to save money by reducing their hours. And, guests enjoy the convenience of being able to make a reservation any time of day or night."

ReServe Interactive (formerly known as Efficient Frontiers, Inc.) specializes in Catering, Event Management, Reservations and Table Management applications for the hospitality industry. It is the only integrated solution for managing banquets and restaurant reservations in one system. ReServe Interactive software is suitable for a variety of hospitality venues including hotels, restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities, golf clubs, private clubs and wineries.