Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises Installs MICROS RES 3000

MICROS Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCRS) , a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce that Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc.(R), (LEYE), a Chicago-based corporation that owns over 50 restaurants nationwide, has selected MICROS RES 3000, which includes MICROS 3700 Point of Sale (POS) with a combination of MICROS Eclipse and MICROS Workstation 4 touch screen terminals.

Feb 11, 2006 - 09:38
Eighteen of the locations are currently installed, with a full-scale deployment to be completed by Fall 2007.

MICROS RES 3000, with its flexible front end and back office functionality, provides a Daily Sales Report that posts directly to the LEYE general ledger and also provides automated critical enterprise accounting functions for select LEYE locations. In addition, RES 3000 is able to seamlessly integrate and connect the LEYE Frequent Diner program, the Gift Card program, and the POS into one system solution.

"Lettuce has a wide range of concepts and consequently a diversity of technical requirements. MICROS gives us a solution that can work within each of our restaurants as needed," stated Kevin Brown, President and CEO of Lettuce Entertain You.

"We are very pleased with MICROS and the RES 3000 solution," added Michael Haley, IT Director. "MICROS has worked with us very closely to ensure that the product and implementation process went smoothly. MICROS and the Lettuce IT Team deployed eight Big Bowl locations across the country on the same day."

"We are honored to have been selected by Lettuce Entertain You," stated Dan Interlandi, Executive Vice President of North America Distribution. "Their selection of MICROS validates our products' open architecture, flexibility, and feature richness with its ability to support the operations of the many diverse Lettuce Entertain You concepts across the nation."

About Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

Based in Chicago, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises Inc.(R) (LEYE) is one of the nation's leading independent restaurant groups, owning, managing or licensing more than 50 establishments in Illinois, Arizona, Minnesota, Virginia, Maryland and Nevada. The establishments range from the casual style and cuisine of the original restaurant, R.J. Grunts, to the formal elegance of Ambria, Everest, Eiffel Tower and Tru. For more information visit http://www.leye.com/.

About MICROS Systems, Inc.

MICROS Systems, Inc. provides enterprise applications for the hospitality and retail industries worldwide. Over 200,000 MICROS systems are currently installed in table and quick service restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, leisure and entertainment, and retail operations in more than 130 countries, and on all seven continents. In addition, MICROS provides property management systems, central reservation and customer information solutions under the brand MICROS-Fidelio for more than 20,000 hotels worldwide, as well as point- of-sale and loss prevention products through its subsidiary Datavantage for more than 50,000 specialty retail stores worldwide. MICROS stock is traded through NASDAQ under the symbol MCRS.

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