ServSafe Offers Tools, Training to Serve Up Holiday Cheers Responsibly

ServSafe Alcohol certification and new ServItUp resource center help restaurant owners and operators provide responsible alcohol service this winter

Dec 1, 2022 - 12:25
ServSafe Offers Tools, Training to Serve Up Holiday Cheers Responsibly

As the winter holidays approach and Americans prepare to gather with family and friends, ServSafe is encouraging all who plan to serve or celebrate with alcoholic beverages to do so responsibly. For restaurant operators, the Association offers ServSafe Alcohol® training and certification programs for their on- and off-premises operations, as well as training programs specific to third-party delivery operations. In addition, earlier this year, ServSafe launched ServItUp, an online portal with alcohol-related tips and resources for restaurant owners, operators, employees, and their guests.

The winter holidays are a time when many choose to imbibe, with consumers drinking an average of 3.1 alcoholic drinks on festive occasions throughout the season and champagne being the most frequent drink of choice, according to That average rises to 4.4 drinks on New Year’s Eve, when many choose to dine out before the clock strikes midnight.

“The winter holidays are a busy time for restaurants, with families and friends eager to celebrate together with delicious food and drinks,” said Trevor Estelle, Vice President, ServSafe Alcohol and Regulatory Services. “ServSafe and the restaurant industry are committed to practicing responsible alcohol service, especially around the holidays. To ensure that the winter holidays are enjoyable for all, our ServSafe Alcohol training and ServItUp resource center help ensure your teams are properly prepared to serve customers responsibly while creating a festive, fun dining environment for every guest.”

Developed by ServSafe in partnership with restaurant operators, legal experts, educators, and instructors, the alcohol training program equips members of the food service industry with a better understanding of the risks and responsibility associated with alcohol service, as well as critical skills to protect restaurant customers and reduce operators’ risk of liability. The year-round program can be especially beneficial during the holiday season for all front-of-house staff members, including bartenders, hosts, servers and valets. Participants are taught about alcohol regulation and laws, how to evaluate intoxication levels, checking identification, and navigating difficult situations involving alcohol. After completing training, students can take an exam to earn their alcohol service certificate.

The ServSafe Alcohol program is tailored for anyone who serves or sells alcohol. ServSafe recently launched ServSafe Delivery: Alcohol.  Delivery and to-go alcohol sales are growing increasingly popular with consumers, with 53% of millennials saying the option to add alcohol to a takeout or delivery order would make them more likely to choose one restaurant over another. While this trend offers an opportunity for operators to grow sales and increase ticket size, new laws and changing requirements have created a complex web of regulations. The to-go program from ServSafe offers education specific to third-party alcohol delivery compliance and trains participants how to manage off-premises alcohol deliveries in a responsible and legal manner.

In addition to formal programs, the ServItUp online resource center is available to any foodservice employee or restaurant guest looking to refresh their knowledge of safe alcohol practices. Launched earlier this year, ServItUp compiles industry information and resources in one convenient platform, offering users access to blogs, guides, eBooks, and more.

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