Food Safety Tips, Tools to Share from Frontline to C-suite

Explore options to educate team members at every level of the enterprise as National Food Safety Month begins.

Aug 29, 2022 - 12:09
Food Safety Tips, Tools to Share from Frontline to C-suite

When it comes to preparing and serving safe foods, everyone has an important role to play.

During National Food Safety Month (NFSM), ServSafe wants to educate everyone—from frontline food handlers to executives—by focusing on creating a culture of food safety.

For five weeks, from Aug. 29-Oct. 2, ServSafe food safety experts will provide free content, including checklists, white papers, posters, and webinars, that offer essential information to build food safety knowledge and skills.

“Restaurants take food-safety training very seriously,” says Sherman Brown, the National Restaurant Association’s executive vice president of Business Services. “Our new content will help operators and employees fortify their food safety knowledge to provide guests with safe, healthy experiences when they dine out.”

Here’s a snapshot of the tools and information offered throughout the month:

Week 1
Food handlers: These team members are front line when it comes to preventing the spread of foodborne-illness-causing pathogens to customers. ServSafe offers basic food safety checklists and cooking time & temperature guides that teach basic but extremely effective safe food handling practices.

Week 2
Restaurant managers: Managers are faced with the critical task of overseeing your operation’s safe food environment. During the second week of NFSM, the ServSafe team presents a manager’s guide to passing health inspections and checklists to follow when performing restaurant self-inspections.

Week 3
Multiunit operators: ServSafe offers a new guide to help multiunit managers systemize their management approach to achieve consistent food safety practices across all locations.

Week 4
Executive team: ServSafe’s white paper on Developing a Culture of Food Safety and food safety culture scorecard will help executive teams better understand how food safety goes beyond passing health inspections and meeting regulatory requirements. These products explain how creating a comprehensive food safety culture throughout the organization needs to be a leadership priority.

Week 5
Beyond times and temperatures: For its final week, ServSafe focuses on additional food safety resources, distributing a food allergens awareness breakroom poster and Responsible Alcohol Service support materials for all staff members.

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