Dine Brands International Announces First Virtual IHOP Location in North America in Partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands

First location now open in Toronto, Canada for takeout and delivery

Nov 18, 2021 - 16:10
Dine Brands International Announces First Virtual IHOP Location in North America in Partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands

Dine Brands International today announced the debut of its first virtual IHOP location in Toronto, Canada as part of its partnership with Ghost Kitchens Brands, which owns and operates a network of virtual kitchens across the continent, featuring items from more than 20 well-known restaurants and CPG brands.

At its 60 Sudbury St. location in Toronto’s Liberty Village area, guests can now enjoy a selection of IHOP’s World-Famous Pancakes, Breakfast Combos, Omelettes, Burritos, Bowls, and more for takeout and delivery. Ghost Kitchen Brands’ direct ordering platform and in-restaurant kiosks allow customers to mix and match their favorite meals and snacks, all in one order. Guests can also order IHOP directly for pickup or delivery through third-party delivery service providers.

“With off-premise sales nearly doubling since the start of the pandemic, it’s evident that guests have become accustomed to the ease of digital ordering and continue to seek convenient options for enjoying their favorite meals outside of the four walls,” said Tony Moralejo, President, International, Dine Brands Global, Inc.

“Through our partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands, we can provide guests more ways to access our beloved pancakes and familiar comfort foods. This demonstrates our brand’s continued commitment to innovation by providing new ways to experience our classic favorites,” added Moralejo.

As IHOP continuously shifts to meet guests’ needs, as showcased with the introduction of Burritos & Bowls in January 2021, virtual kitchen locations will provide the perfect platform for IHOP to serve its innovative menu with easy portability in mind.

“IHOP is one of the world’s most beloved full-service restaurant brands and we’re thrilled to partner with Dine Brands International to increase accessibility to IHOP’s signature menu through on-site ordering, takeout, and delivery,” said George Kottas, Founder and CEO of Ghost Kitchen Brands. “We are uniquely positioned to help iconic brands like IHOP serve more customers by leveraging best-in-class technology and customized mix-and-match ordering, making the experience convenient for both guests and brands.”

Dine Brands International continues to place emphasis on growth in markets, including North America, The Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.