National Restaurant Association - Getting Unstuck: Business and Management Lessons in Minutes

Kick-start recovery by investing a few minutes a day to watch free business-boosting marketing videos.

Sep 30, 2021 - 15:34

As the foodservice industry continues its slow recovery from the pandemic disruptions of the past 18 months, you’re probably busier than ever running your restaurant and getting everything  back up to speed. You know it’s time to seize the day, implementing small or large changes to jump-start growth for the future. Yet—as always—you have little bandwidth in your busy week to read up on tools and techniques that could help you boost productivity, attract new customers and build check averages.

Here’s a convenient new way to get past that sticking point and into the growth mode.

A series of structured, self-guided, easy-to-implement strategies delivered through training modules take minutes to review but will give you critical insights and valuable business-building tools to achieve measurable results. And they’re free.

The “Unstuck” series begins with a 15-page e-book that promises “21 Fastest Ways to Drive Revenue in as Little as a Week.” The e-book briefly explains the three stages in the process of turning prospects into customers (introducing yourself, offering proof of what sets you apart, and asking for the sale).

For each stage, there’s a pick-and-choose menu of great marketing “hacks.” Just select and implement one or two doable ideas from each of the three categories, and watch sales begin to pick up.

Subsequent modules zero in on other aspects of building your business, such as:

  • Getting past the “pain points” of the COVID-19 business slump and making the most of the recovery
  • Why you don’t need to be a marketing expert to increase traffic
  • Maximizing your digital footprint and driving visits to your website
  • Shortening your wait times
  • Why long lines (even with fast wait times) can be an indicator of success
  • Speeding up the sales cycle
  • Operationalizing your people and systems to raise your ticket averages
  • Standardizing the art of inviting new customers to become repeat visitors
  • Boosting repeat business from both newcomers and regulars

You can revisit and review each module whenever you’d like to explore new business-building techniques or revisit ones you’ve already used.

This new training tool also has an interactive, community-building aspect: You’re invited to learn new sales and marketing methods from your peers and share your own ideas and successes using the hashtag #HeartlandHacksGrowth.

Registration spots are limited, so act now to begin exploring the Unstuck series of training modules by visiting this site.