MEG Talks Keep Operators Up on Latest Marketing Strategies

The Marketing Executive Group is launching a new series, MEG Talks, to help restaurateurs ramp up marketing efforts that keep customers dining on and off premises.

Sep 14, 2020 - 17:06
MEG Talks Keep Operators Up on Latest Marketing Strategies

Starting this month, MEG will host a series of “TED Talk-like” presentations that address issues associated with the pandemic and how to market businesses effectively in the midst of the crisis.

Without question, COVID-19 has changed the industry’s approach to marketing and the messaging operators use to communicate with customers. Customers’ dining needs have changed as well.

The virtual talks are open to operator members and non-members, and the allied community at large.

Each 30-minute MEG Talk will feature industry experts sharing tips, tools and solutions that restaurateurs could apply at their respective operations.

The first 20 minutes of the talk focuses on the topic, while the last 10 minutes invites listeners to join in an interactive Q&A.

The MEG Talk series launches Sept. 15, on Zoom.

In “Cocktails To Go,” presenter Ken Ruff, vice president of national accounts for Beam Suntory’s on-premise business, says the bar business changed dramatically this year, but cocktails are still selling.

He’s learned a lot about “Cocktails To Go” during the pandemic — and the revenues they generate when handled right. 

Customers have been missing their cocktail occasions, and Ruff will share insights on how to capitalize on their willingness to order drinks “to go” with great marketing and irresistible deals.

Beam Suntory was one of the first companies to offer a polished “Cocktails To Go” program, and Ruff will talk about the tools the company developed along with real-life examples of operators who hit home runs with them.

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