Attacks On Staff

KFC Branch Serves Customers Through Wire Fence After Months of Fights and Attacks on Staff - Yahoo

Excerpt from Yahoo

A KFC branch plagued by violence has taken drastic action by serving customers through a ‘chicken wire’ fence to protect staff.

The fast food giant’s restaurant in Chelmsley, Birmingham, has been blighted by violent incidents, with fights regularly breaking out and a woman even vaulting the counter to assault an employee.

Bosses have now opted to install vertical metal bars along the serving counter, with five strips of ‘chicken wire’ style fencing running between customers and staff.

Management made the move following a series of serious incidents in the KFC branch over the past year.

On a separate occasion, a 16-year-old boy was badly assaulted in the store when he tried to intervene in an argument involving a girl in October.

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