Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner Announces Reopening of Wallsé Restaurant

West Village Destination Debuts Enhanced Interior Design in Advance of its 20th Anniversary
Michelin rated restaurant Wallsé Restaurant, New York City. Photographer: John Saponara
Michelin rated restaurant Walls Restaurant, New York City. Photographer: John Saponara

Achieving yet another milestone, Wallsé receives its 15th Michelin mark, a testament to its cutting edge and contemporary approach to Austrian cuisine. Chef Gutenbrunner stated, "It is an incredible honor to be awarded one Michelin Star for 15 consecutive years. I am very grateful for my team, and this acknowledgment means a lot to all of us."


The landmark restaurant is cherished by its frequent patrons, many of which are New York City's most esteemed artists, designers, and architects. While exceptional service and enticing flavors have long drawn in devoted supporters, it is time for a new era as Wallsé shifts into its next chapter. "We are a part of the community of the West Village. This is my home, as well as the restaurant's home. We thank the many locals and regulars who have been dining with us for years. Although Wallsé is a Michelin fine dining restaurant, it is still a neighborhood restaurant; always has been and always will be," Chef Gutenbrunner reminisced.

In anticipation of the establishment's 20th Anniversary, Chef Gutenbrunner set out to redecorate the interior of the restaurant to welcome his clientele in a fresh, authentic, and relaxed environment. He went on to explain, "In the German language, we use the term 'Gesamtkunstwerk' which translates to 'a total work of art.' This was my intention when creating Wallsé two decades ago, and it is still my intention now. The menu at Wallsé has Austrian roots executed in a very personal and modern way. Classics like the Wiener Schnitzel with potato cucumber salad and lingonberries, or the quark spätzle with succulent, tender rabbit, and lighter dishes like cod with squash and chanterelles." Additionally, Wallsé uniquely offers an extensive and entirely Austrian wine list featuring a number of natural and biodynamic wines.

The restaurant's crisp and comforting color palette beautifully captures the light passing over the Hudson that streams through Manhattan's west side streets. Carefully selected design elements and accessories liven the space while heightening the ambiance and overall dining experience. Soft tones and rich textures of natural stone, wood, and leather accent the space. In addition, innovative materials with efficient Austrian design provide improved function and flow. 

Every detail was thought through, down to the imported Austrian pottery by Gmundner Keramik, the reupholstering of the restaurant's original Thonet Vienna chairs, and the installation of the acoustic design ceiling by Vogl Deckensysteme. Three striking Swarovski Crystal chandeliers that twinkle and glisten highlight the custom artwork produced for Wallsé by a close friend of the Chef, American painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. Pieces by Austrian avant-garde artist and actionist Hermann Nitsch, artist and auteur Gus Van Sant, and artist Chuck Manion amplify the decor. Chef Gutenbrunner further remarked, "The neighborhood has changed in many ways, and we also need to adapt to our surroundings. Though we've made alterations to our appearance, the connection between fine food and fine art at Wallsé remains the focal point." The updated interior is derived from a collaborative effort between Rafael Alvarez of Alvarez + Brock Design and Chef Gutenbrunner. 

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