Need Info on Straws and Packaging Mandates? We’ve Got Answers

Learn about what's new in nutrition and sustainability and the legislation that could affect your business in 2019.
Need Info on Straws and Packaging Mandates?

National Restaurant Association

Nutrition legislation and packaging mandates appear to be the entrees du jour for 2019.

As restaurateurs find themselves wondering what to do next to navigate these issues and their related challenges, the National Restaurant Association will offer education and advice during a Dec. 19 webinar, “What’s new in environmental and nutrition policy”.

Laura Abshire, our food and sustainability policy director, will provide an update on the issues. They include:

  • The latest information on the anti-plastic movement, part of which seeks to ban the use of straws or requires operators to provide them only upon request
  • Mandates on packaging procurement, such as which compostable and/or sustainable packaging is acceptable for use and which isn’t
  • Regulations requiring organic waste to be separated and composted by the restaurant instead of being sent to landfill, and
  • On the nutrition front, a move to require operators to change their children’s meal default beverage options on their menus

“We think these issues will become even more widespread in 2019, and that’s why we’re trying to prepare and educate operators so they are on top of the issues and knowledgeable about how to be prepared,” Abshire said. “The goal,” she continued, “is to provide our industry members with information so they can ask suppliers about alternative products available to them, and also ensure they are able to talk to their legislators about these proposed policies and how they’ll impact businesses and their local economies.”

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