Restaurant Innovation Summit

Tech Design Expert to Speak at Restaurant Innovation Summit

Moving away from hospitality vs. technology to hospitality enhanced by technology is sure to be one of the themes at this year's Restaurant Innovation Summit.
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Tech Design Expert to Speak at Restaurant Innovation Summit

National Restaurant Association

A conversational shift is happening in restaurants: We’re moving away from “hospitality vs. technology” to “hospitality enhanced by technology.”

That’s sure to be one of the themes at the National Restaurant Association Restaurant Innovation Summit, Nov. 7-8 in Dallas.

Eric Bengston, studio senior manager at Deloitte Digital, will speak about working with a major restaurant brand to install self-ordering kiosks in all of its units by year-end.

Bengston is a design and e-commerce expert who focuses on the user experience – not just how customers interact with the technology itself, but the effect on overall in-store experience.

Some words of wisdom:  

  • Think through operations. Part of the user experience is with the kiosk interface itself -- “essentially a large tablet,” and it’s important to get that right. But there’s also an operational aspect. With kiosks, “There’s the difference in the way that people order, how to direct customers, where they should go. If the operational aspect is off, the customer will have an adverse experience.”
  • Avoid mistakes others have made: If you’re aiming to integrate kiosks into your operations, look at what other industries have done when rolling out self-service technology. Customers didn’t take to airline kiosks, for example, because there was nobody to help with the tool or direct them what to do next.
           Many restaurants are shifting employees into customer service positions to help guide the kiosk transactions. “It’s a labor shift rather than a labor reduction,” Bengston says. “Restaurants with kiosks are spending more time with customers and seeing those additional opportunities to engage.”
  • Acknowledge that guests are always changing. “Don’t assume they’re going to behave the same way they have in the past,” Bengston says. “Learn from analytics and quickly pivot. Look at what’s impacting things and why.”

Bengston and other ordering-technology experts will discuss kiosk design at the Restaurant Innovation Summit. Register now

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