3rd Party Restaurant Menu Ordering Sites

Restaurants Scramble to Remove 3rd Party Menu Sites from GMB Listings - Online Ownership

Excerpt from Online Ownership

There has been a recent scramble from restaurants wanting to remove 3rd party menus sites from their Google business listings. The reason for this uptake in restaurants asking how to remove these menu ordering sites is because Google started testing Post like Ads from the 3rd Party Menu Ordering sites into the restaurants local knowledge panel.

They are big and bold, slap bang in the businesses knowledge panel.

I personally hate these 3rd party ordering sites that Google adds to restaurants business listings, a business should be able to choose what menu sites they list on their business.

But don’t these restaurant use these menu ordering sites? – Yes and No

The aggregator places.singleplatform.com scrapes restaurants details and menu and creates a listing on their site. Singleplatform then aggregates these out to all the other 3rd party menu sites, so if a restaurant does not claim their listing their menus and prices can be years out of date.

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