Restaurant loans and financing from a company who understands vision and is excited for your opportunity.

If you have done any research on the internet regarding restaurant loans you have probably read this statement often... “restaurant loans are hard to come by”.  We flat out don’t agree, but surprisingly many, many restaurant loan websites still make this claim.  The fact is restaurant loan financing is just like any other business loan.  Well that is how the company we recommend approaches it.       

Basically, if you have done your homework, your due diligence and present a professional case there is a good chance you will be approved.  That sounds like any other new business that needs capital to get off the ground doesn’t it?  So, why is there this negative bias surrounding restaurant financing?  Honestly, we don’t know, we don’t understand it ourselves, but it defiantly doesn’t feel right.

None of that is important though, because the company we work with takes a half glass full approach.  They look upon your restaurant loan request with open eyes and true positivity.  They take the time to see your vision, understand it and then work the numbers.  Your opportunity and their opportunity are intertwined.  The latter is possibly what many have forgotten.

Your restaurant loan application is in good hands... use our relationship to your advantage.

We have been in the restaurant information business now for 10 years.  Our network of restaurant related websites has attracted many finance companies to contact us regarding loan referrals.  They want our business and over that past few years we have been sending it.  In that time we have tested many different restaurant loan companies out... testing and searching out the company that would give our referrals the best service, best rates and best chance at getting loan approval.  It is safe to say we experienced lots of disappointments, but in the end we finally found the right match for our referrals.

Our chosen restaurant finance company does not believe in the bias other lending institutions have towards restaurant loans and the entrepreneurs behind them.  They are honest, upfront, fair and waiting for the next opportunity to hit their desk.  We hope it’s yours.

We are not the guys that are going to actually process your loan, but we are the guys who will make sure you’re taken care of.  We will follow up with both you and our finance company for progress checks.  So, please don’t think that after submitting the form below you will be forgotten.  That simply won’t happen.

Choose a company excited to work for you, excited for your opportunities, a restaurant finance company that looks further, digs deeper and works harder.

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