Unique Wine-Pricing

The word revolutionary may seem like a strong way to describe a restaurant's wine program, but what Madeline Triffon is up to at Morels: An American Bistro in Bingham Farms is sending shock waves throughout the Detroit dining scene. And everybody said it wouldn't work.

Feb 11, 2006 - 09:38
Since June, Triffon, the master sommelier and beverage director for the Matt Prentice Restaurant Group, has revised the pricing of by-the-bottle sales at one of the group's 12 restaurants to reflect a policy of 50% above wholesale. That means if the restaurant can purchase a bottle of wine for $10, the cost to you is $15.

Many restaurants typically double, even triple, wholesale pricing.

"Great wine should be accessible," says Triffon. "And for the most part, especially in restaurants, the best wines in the world have been treated as an exclusive commodity. My mission has been to make wines as inclusive as possible. This way of marketing interesting wines within a restaurant is a pretty unique concept."

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Source - Detroit Free Press