11 Mother's Day Restaurant Ideas to Drive Revenue

According to the National Restaurant Association, their 2023 survey showed that 40% of adults intended to go out to eat to celebrate Mother's Day. Yes, you read that right! 40%! So restaurants need to lean into this trend by making the most out of the lucrative holiday.

Apr 22, 2024 - 11:09
Apr 24, 2024 - 15:17
11 Mother's Day Restaurant Ideas to Drive Revenue
According to the National Restaurant Association, their 2023 survey showed that 40% of adults intended to go out to eat to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Believe it or not, studies have shown that Mother’s Day is the most popular holiday and business opportunity for restaurants. It makes perfect sense that busy moms don’t want to cook, and want a special meal for a celebratory day. With the right promotions, restaurants can increase their bookings and facilitate memorable experiences that will bring guests back year after year. But what makes a Mother’s Day restaurant promotion a worthwhile one? Let’s dive into some creative ideas to help your venue stand out this Mother’s Day.

How Many People Go to Restaurants on Mother’s Day?

According to the National Restaurant Association, their 2023 survey showed that 40% of adults intended to go out to eat to celebrate Mother’s Day. Yes, you read that right! 40%! So restaurants need to lean into this trend by making the most out of the lucrative holiday.

When Should I Start Advertising for Mother’s Day?

To maximize the impact of their Mother’s Day campaigns, restaurants should launch promotions and special offers at least two to three weeks in advance. This early start allows businesses to capture the attention of these proactive consumers effectively. Mother’s Day in 2024 is Sunday May 12, so it’s wise to get some ideas lined up.

11 Mother’s Day Restaurant Ideas and Inspiration 

1. Mom Eats Free Deal

A promotion where moms eat for free is a fantastic way to attract families. This will make the occasion more affordable and position your restaurant as a welcoming option that values and honors mothers. To make this deal even more appealing and decrease the possibility of lowering your bottom line, consider creating a special Mother’s Day menu with exclusive dishes that aren’t available on your regular menu. The limited-time offer can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity while potentially removing big-ticket items, lessening the blow of offering a free meal.

2. Customizable Gift Baskets

Offering guests the option to customize gift baskets for their moms is a unique promotion that can easily set your restaurant apart. If you have items, like salad dressings or sauces, that your restaurant sells already, you can include those. In addition, you could partner with local businesses to offer items like gourmet chocolates, cheeses, and candles – offering them exposure as well. You can also offer free item tickets for drinks or appetizers for future visits. Allowing someone else in the group to personalize the basket with items their mom would love makes it even more special. This not only provides a convenient gift solution but also encourages additional purchases. Promote the baskets on social media and your website, and consider offering discounts for orders placed in advance.

Mother’s Day is all about the love of food at RPM Seafood in Chicago. For past Mother’s Day, this restaurant has offered lunch or dinner along with a special Mom’s Day gift. Their gift package includes a pound of fresh pasta, Pomodoro sauce, chocolate bark, RPM’s bonbons, and a bottle of prosecco.

3. Photo Memories Package

Do you have a photo-worthy area in your restaurant? If you don’t, it’s not hard to create one. A fun backdrop and some greenery would do the trick. Once you have a dedicated area, create a special Mother’s Day package that includes a professional photo shoot. You could hire or trade marketing with a local photographer and purchase Mother’s Day-themed props. This unique experience celebrates moms and leaves families with a tangible memory of their day.

4. “Mom’s Recipe” Feature Menu

This promotion involves a heartwarming invitation to your local community. Ask your patrons, and others in your area, to submit their favorite recipes that remind them of their mothers. It could be something their mom always made for them, or their mom’s favorite dish. Select the most compelling recipes and feature them on a special Mother’s Day tribute menu. Highlight the stories behind each dish on your menu and through social media by sharing a bit about the family and the mom who inspired it. This not only adds personalization to the dining experience but also deeply connects with the emotional aspect of the day and your community.

5. “Pamper Her” Partnership with Local Spa or Salon

Every mom loves to be pampered. Why not create a luxurious package that goes beyond the dining experience by partnering with local spas or beauty salons. Offer a “Pamer Her” package that includes a meal at your restaurant followed by a pampering session like a massage, facial or manicure/pedicure at a nearby spa. This collaboration benefits both businesses through cross-promotion and provides an all-in-one gift solution for families looking to spoil their moms. You can work with the spa or salon to create various tiers that cater to different budgets, ensuring everyone can find something that suits their needs.

6. Create a Unique Mother’s Day Experience

This year is all about experiences. Why not offer up something a bit different this Mother’s Day? There are so many opportunities to entice guests and be a Mother’s Day destination. Market experiences for moms such as:

  • Private kitchen tours 
  • Meet and greet with the chef
  • Live music or playing a special playlist
  • Pairing the meal with an activity, such as painting, a wine tutorial, or a centerpiece arrangement class
  • Partnering with local businesses, such as a spa or gift shop, to offer a bundled experience 

Uncorked Kitchen & Wine Bar in Centennial, Colorado, has offered cooking classes for Mother’s Day. The whole family can learn how to make tagliatelle with roast chicken, asparagus, peas, and roasted red peppers in white wine sauce and have plenty of mimosas without using every dish in the kitchen at home. Wicked Barley Brewing Company in Jacksonville, Florida, has offered their customers a Mother’s Day brunch, live music, and a spring market featuring local vendors.

7. Offer Upgrades to be a Popular Mother’s Day Restaurant

Because your guests are looking to make this gathering special, they will appreciate any upgrades you offer such as:

  • Flower arrangements or a flower stem
  • A box of chocolates for mom
  • Pairing your Mother’s Day dining with a good cause
  • A bottle of champagne or wine
  • Bottomless drinks
  • A wine pairing or signature drink to complement the menu
  • A gift certificate to give to mom
  • A special off-menu dessert or shareable appetizer

Customers who book their Mother’s Day brunch with Osteria Via Stato in Chicago will have a full menu of antipasti, entrees, and desserts to choose from. But they can take it up a notch with a few extras. Osteria Via Stato has featured an Italian Brunch Bubbly package that includes a bottle of prosecco, peach, and blood orange fresh fruit puree. Or they have offered the purchase a bouquet of tulips for an extra surprise.

8. Embrace the Mother’s Day Theme

Think about how you can shape your offerings to appeal to your guests. Could you rename menu categories or offerings to focus on Mother’s Day? For instance, “Nom Noms for Mom” would definitely make guests a bit more intrigued in your restaurant.

If you are a venue that offers more than just food, what can you do to appeal to these special women and their families on this day? Make sure to include these thematic offerings in your marketing to be a place for Mother’s Day.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s 41 locations have created a Mother’s Day experience and centered their movie and menu offerings to be all focused on mom – all you have to do is buy the tickets! They’re have shown movies like ”Legally Blonde,” “Mama Mia,” and a “Mother” movie trilogy in the past. Alamo Drafthouse also created a special brunch menu for each movie and drink pairings.

9. Plan a Special Mother’s Day Menu

Offer something a bit more noteworthy for your Mother’s Day menu whether you offer brunch, lunch or dinner. You could offer complimentary glass of bubbly or a scrumptious dessert to all moms who dine at your restaurant. Consider special pairings of cocktails and appetizers to make your menu stand out. What mother wouldn’t love a mimosa and a charcuterie board? Make sure to offer kid-friendly options as well. Highlight your special menu in your marketing to get people excited.

Chicago-based Tripleseat customer Swift & Sons Steakhouse has leveraged the Mother’s Day business and has offered a thoughtful menu with a family-style brunch and a prix fixe menu featuring many elegant recipes for breakfast favorites. To get the word out they promoted directly on their website and social channels.

10. Multiple Course Meal

Offering a multiple-course meal for Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to show appreciation and create a memorable experience. Each course provides an opportunity to savor different flavors and dishes, turning the meal into a special event that celebrates all the love and care mothers give every day.

 Levantine Hill in Coldstream, Australia, has offered a seven-course Mediterranean meal, paired with the vineyard’s award-winning wines, plus a free bottle of rose!

11. A Catered Celebration

Catering promotions for Mother’s Day are an excellent way for restaurants and caterers to attract families looking to celebrate in a special way without the hassle of cooking. By offering customized menus, discounts, or special packages, businesses can provide a convenient and delightful dining experience that makes mothers feel truly celebrated and cherished on their special day.

Vestals Catering in Dallas has provided everything families need to hold their Mother’s Day meal at home: such as two appetizers, a salad, an entree, four sides, and two desserts for up to six people. All you have to do is reheat and eat!

How To Implement Mother’s Day Restaurant Ideas

Regardless of the promotions you choose, the key to success lies in effective marketing. Utilize your website, email newsletters, social media platforms, and in-house, table top, or hanging signage to spread the word. Engaging visuals, heartfelt messages, and clear details about your offers can significantly impact your promotion’s reach and effectiveness. Additionally, consider partnering with local businesses or influencers to broaden your promotion’s exposure.

Mother’s Day is truly a time of celebration for a lot of families, and by offering thoughtful promotions, your restaurant can contribute to making the day even more special and memorable. Not only do these promotions have the potential to boost your bottom line, but they also facilitate lasting relationships with your guests, encouraging them to return in the future. 

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