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  • Operators Are Watching Portion Sizes Carefully - By Joe Dunbar

    Featured News I have been traveling through New England and Upstate New York this summer. While driving on major highways, the meal choices are limited to major ...

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    Posted 9 hours ago
    I have been traveling through New England and Upstate New York this summer. While driving on major highways, the meal choices are limited to major chains for the most part. Menu prices tend to be 10% higher at the rest area food courts.
    Posted 10 hours ago
    Staying ahead of cooking trends can make the difference in keeping regular guests excited about your menu and bringing in new customers who are looking for a food adventure. Experimenting with new flavors and ingredients doesn’t mean you should abandon the dishes on which your establishment has built a reputation.
    Posted 11 hours ago
    While same-store sales and customer traffic levels rose, operators' outlook for the economy remains mixed
    Posted 13 hours ago
    Consumers are bombarded with choices every waking minute. The consensus by many is that we are all 'dumbed down'. Even product warnings are appalling in the extreme: 'Do not use toilet brush for personal hygiene' or 'Never iron these clothes while being worn.' Business mantra can display the same careless attitude.
    Posted 14 hours ago
    Comparable restaurant sales increased 7.5% - Restaurant contribution increased 59.4% to $8.8 million
    Posted 14 hours ago
    The restaurant, which is located at 1160 Highway 45 Alternate South, is the first Captain D’s in the state of Mississippi to be built with the new coastal-theme that resembles a beachside destination.
    The 'ServSafe Food Handler Guide for Food Banking' is a customized program designed to educate Feeding America’s 200 food banks and over 60,000 agencies on the proper implementation of food handling and safety.
    The National Restaurant Association (NRA) has been recognized as a Bronze winner in the 35th Annual Telly Awards for its best practices training DVD, 'Being Social Media Smart.' The DVD was released earlier this year as part of a three-disc set of tips on tough issues for restaurant operators.
    Planet Smoothie, a smoothie franchise with a major presence in the Southeast that is expanding nationwide, has launched a new franchising website at www.planetsmoothiefranchise.com that features in-depth details about the smoothie industry and the Planet Smoothie business model.
    Nine out of 10 restaurant employees say they are proud to work in the restaurant industry, while three-quarters believe the industry offers them a strong career path and upward mobility, according to a new workforce study released today by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF).
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